Tales of Silver Downs: Books 1 – 3

Title: Tales of Silver Downs: Books 1 - 3
Series: Silver Downs Collections #1
Release Date: 14 January 2017
Genre: ,
Pages: 1070
ISBN13: 978-0-9943315-6-4
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A family secret. A fey curse. A jealous feud between brothers.

When the seventh son of a seventh son is a bard, he can bring his words to life. Only nobody remembers how the magic works. This collection contains all three full-length Tales of Silver Downs books in one edition: Muse, Fey and Druid.

Muse: A bard who doesn't believe in the power of his words accidentally brings his imaginary muse to life. Now he has to deal with the consequences.

Fey: A woman determined to save her husband from his bard brother's magic ventures into the fey realm. But the fey despise mortals and will do everything they can to stop her from finding her to find her husband.

Druid: A brother and sister torn apart by the fey are unexpectedly reunited. They have the power to banish the fey forever, but can they put aside their differences long enough to do it?

For readers who like their fantasy dark. This series has lush Celtic Britain backdrops with a fairytale feeling, a fantasy quest and characters who fight their destiny.

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