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All full length novels are available in ebook, paperback, large print and hardback (case laminate). The Amarna Age series is also available in audiobook. Novellas and some collections are currently available in ebook only.

Details are current as of 14 March 2023.

A woman wearing a white dress with a gold sash stands in front of a temple.

Releasing 20 June 2023

Ebook: 9781922852182
Paperback: 9781922852199
Large Print: 9781922852205
Hardcover: 9781922852212


A woman wearing a white dress with a golden sash stands in front of a pyramid.

Releasing 20 September 2023

Ebook: 9781922852229
Paperback: 9781922852236
Large Print: 9781922852489
Hardcover: 9781922852243


Ebook: 9781922852038
Paperback: 9781922852069
Large Print: 9781922852076
Hardcover: 9781922852083



A woman wearing a white gown with stylised papyrus flowers stands between two Egyptian pillars and looks out at a night sky covered with hieroglyphs.Ebook: 9781922852045
Large Print:9781922852106



A woman wearing a white gown with stylised papyrus flowers stands between two Egyptian pillars and looks out at cloudy sunset covered with hieroglyphs.

Ebook: 9781922852052
Large Print: 9781922852137
Hardcover: 9781922852144



Ebook: 9780645377132
Paperback: 9780645377149
Large print: 9780645377156
Hardcover: 9780645377163



Ebook: 9780648249146
Paperback: 9780994331595
Large print: 9780648249153
Hardcover: 9780648903949
Audiobook: 9780645180015


Ebook: 9780648249160
Paperback: 9780648249115
Large print: 9780648249184
Hardcover: 9780648903956
Audiobook: 9780645180022


Ebook: 9780648249177
Paperback: 9780648249108
Large print: 9780648249122
Hardcover: 9780648903963
Audiobook: 9780645180039


Ebook: 9780648249139
Paperback: 9780648903970
Large print: 9780648903987
Hardcover: 9780648903994
Audiobook: 9780645377125


Ebook: 9780648903901
Paperback: 9780645180046
Large print: 9780645180053
Hardcover: 9780645180060
Audiobook: 9780645377170


A golden scarab beetle holding a sun disc and set against a golden circular flare.

Ebook: 9780645180084
Paperback: 9780645377194
Large print: 9781922852007
Hardcover: 9781922852014
Audiobook: 9781922852021


A sun disc with rays that end in hands reaching downwards and set against a blue background with golden hieroglyphs.


Ebook: 9780645180091





Ebook: 9780994331502
Paperback: 9780994331526
Large print: 9780648249191
Hardcover: 9780648903918



Ebook: 9780994331533
Paperback: 9780994331519
Large print: 9780994331588
Hardcover: 9780648903925



Ebook: 9780994331557
Paperback: 9780994331540
Large print: 9780994331571
Hardcover: 9780648903932


A golden ankh, an ouroboros and a stylised eye are each set against a circular flare.

Ebook: 9780645180008
Audiobook: 9780645180077




A jackal headed figure, three stylised lotus flowers and a winged scarab holding a sun disk are each set against a circular flare.

Ebook: 9780645377101
Audiobook: 9780645377118




A golden stylised raven swoops down in front of a stylised sun.

Ebook: 9780994331564
Paperback: 9780645377187