Upcoming Releases

Release dates are for orders placed directly with the author. Books release on all other retailers one week later.

Details are correct as at 14 March 2023.


13 June: Princess of Babylon (Palace of the Ornaments #1).

13 September: Ornament of Pharaoh (Palace of the Ornaments #2)

13 October: The Amarna Princesses Collection (Ebook collection)

13 November: Series Starters Volume III (Ebook collection)

13 December: Child of the Alliance (Palace of the Ornaments #3)



13 March: A Game of Senet (Palace of the Ornaments #4)

13 June: Untitled (Palace of the Ornaments #5)

13 September: TBC

13 December: TBC



13 January: Palace of the Ornaments Collection (Ebook collection)


A woman wearing a white dress and a golden sash stands in front of a temple.