He feels called to be a bard, but his brothers think he's trying to avoid the real work. She has until summer's end to choose a husband or marry the man her father has chosen.


Fionn is the youngest of seven sons and knows his destiny is to be a bard. But his older brothers think he's wasting his time and want him to start contributing to the household. When the woman he's secretly in love with is promised to his oldest brother, he realises he needs a stable income if he's to convince her to marry him before it's too late.


Agata wants a life of travel and adventure, but her father's decided it's time she settles down. If she can find a husband before summer's end, she can marry him. Otherwise, she must marry the man her father has chosen.


Sent to Silver Downs for the summer to get to know the brothers she must choose between, Agata is caught in the middle of a jealous feud between the oldest and youngest. But when Fionn carelessly uses the power he never really believed in, he changes all of their lives forever...


This novelette is a prequel to the Tales of Silver Downs series.

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