Series Starters: Volume III

The cover for Series Starters Volume 3 shows a woman wearing a white dress with a golden sash. She stands in front of a pyramid. Around her are the covers for each of the books included in this collection, Queen of Egypt, Outcast, Princess of Babylon, and Muse.Title: Series Starters: Volume III
Release Date: 13 November 2023
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 1044
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Contains four full length series starters.

Queen of Egypt (The Amarna Age # 1): She knows she's going to kill the man she loves. She just doesn't know why yet.

Outcast (The Amarna Princesses # 1): When the queen’s sisters need to be sent away for their protection, a self-taught warrior woman volunteers to go with them. But one of the sisters is too young to understand why she must be sent away and she has a powerful magic that will endanger them all.

Princess of Babylon (Palace of the Ornaments #1): Sent to Egypt to seal an alliance, a Babylonian princess expects to become queen. Yet she arrives to a reality far from her expectations — Pharaoh already has hundreds of wives and she’s just the latest.

Muse (Tales of Silver Downs # 1): A bard with an ability he doesn't understand. A wise woman with power she never wanted. Each has a quest and they'll need each other to succeed.

For readers of historical fantasy who relish stories of courageous women defying conventions and shaping their own destinies.

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