The Mega Ancient Egypt Collection

The faded image from an ancient tomb shows Pharaoh holding a staff and an ankh. He wears the blue-striped names head dress and a golden collar.Title: The Mega Ancient Egypt Collection
Release Date: 30 August 2023
Genre: , ,
Pages: 2396
ISBN13: 9781922852359
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Enter a world where the magic of 18th Dynasty Egypt comes alive through the eyes of strong heroines. This collection celebrates powerful women and their legendary stories.

1334 BCE. A once-unyielding dynasty is now on the brink of ruin. Step into the sandals of Queen Ankhesenamun, a woman determined to reclaim her kingdom from the shadows that loom over Pharaoh's court. With threats lurking around every pillar, and trust a rare commodity, Ankhesenamun must navigate the treacherous sands to protect the man she loves — a man she knows will die by her own hand.

As the sun sets over the Nile, embark on a new journey with The Amarna Princesses series, a companion series picking up the tale of a self-trained warrior and two of Ankhesenamun’s sisters. Tey must leave her home and everything she knows to smuggle away two spoiled princesses before they can be assassinated. But one princess hides a dangerous magic that could destroy them all.

At 2400 pages (more than 670,000 words), this collection invites you to linger in the captivating embrace of Ancient Egypt. It’s a journey that defies both time and the boundaries between the realms of mortals and the gods. A place where women’s stories are woven into the very fabric of history and where the old gods still linger.

Titles included in this collection:

The Amarna Age series: Queen of Egypt, Son of the Hittites, Eye of Horus, Gates of Anubis, Lady of the Two Lands, Guardian of the Underworld, plus the prequel novella, Daughter of the Sun.

The Amarna Princesses series: Outcast, Catalyst, and Warrior.

Bonus content: Keeper of the Bad Thing. A short story set in the world of The Amarna Age.

Nine full length novels, a novella, and a short story.