Secrets of Pharaoh

A woman wearing a white gown with a golden sash walks through the courtyard of a temple.Title: Secrets of Pharaoh
Series: Palace of the Ornaments #5
Release Date: 13 June 2024
Genre: , ,
ISBN13: 9781922852366
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Having uncovered the most terrible of the Palace’s secrets, Kassaya is consumed with the need for vengeance. But how can she seek retribution against a man who is considered to be above any laws?

As hearts and fates intertwine, Kassaya learns that alliances can be as fragile as a desert flower. Betrayed by an alley whose loyalty she never questioned, her grand plan is jeopardised as she faces a choice between love and revenge.

Set against the grandeur of Egypt’s 20th Dynasty, The Palace of the Ornaments weaves a spellbinding tale of power, passion and peril. For readers of historical fantasy who relish stories of courageous women defying conventions and shaping their own destinies.


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