Keeper of the Bad Thing

A woman stands in front of a beach. She wears a golden snake bracelet on her upper arm and a golden snake on her forehead.Title: Keeper of the Bad Thing
Release Date: 3 September 2023
Genre: ,
Pages: 24
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Searching for Nef's missing leaves, the sisters pass through a cave which leads them to another place. There they encounter Guardian of the Path.

A short story revealing an incident that occurs after the end of Warrior. This story serves as an epilogue to both The Amarna Princesses and The Amarna Age series.

“Hello Seti,” the magician said and smiled at me.

It wasn’t a friendly smile. It was the kind of smile you give someone if you’re trying to make them trust you, but at the same time you’re thinking about how tasty they might be to eat. It made me shiver and hold onto Nef’s hand more tightly. It wasn’t me the magician wanted, though. She wanted my bad thing. But the bad thing was dead so I couldn’t give it to her even if I wanted to.