A figure wearing a green cape stands with their back to the viewer. In front of them is a fairy forest.

A bard. A wise woman. A creature that shouldn’t exist.

When a bard inadvertently brings his imaginary muse to life, everything she knows comes from his melancholic tales. Desiring her own life, she leaves the bard and sets out to live in the only way she knows how: the way his tales told her to.

An apprentice wise women feels like she's wasting her life dispensing charms and cures, and spends her days longing for adventure. When she becomes the victim of a cruel curse, she gets the biggest adventure she could have dreamed of.

As the pair cross paths, they realise the only way to succeed in their quests is to join forces. Together, they discover the true nature of the bard’s bond with his muse. While the world will never be safe with the creature on the prowl, destroying her could also destroy her creator.

Muse is the first book in a series of historical fantasy novels set in Celtic Britain. For readers who like lush historical backdrops with a fairytale feeling, a fantasy quest and characters who fight their destiny.

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Also available in audiobook.

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