The Amarna Princesses: Books 1 – 3 Audiobook

Title: The Amarna Princesses: Books 1 – 3

Narrator: This audiobook is digitally narrated using the voice of Anya and produced by Google Play.

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This collection contains all three books in The Amarna Princesses series: Outcast, Catalyst, and Warrior.

Outcast: When the queen’s younger sisters need to be sent away from Akhetaten, Tey volunteers to go with them. She will leave both her home and her life to shepherd the two girls to safety and protect them for the rest of their lives.

Catalyst: They thought they had found a safe place to call home. They were wrong. Tey, Hennie and the girls must leave their new lives and flee once again.

Warrior: As their pursuers find them yet again, Tey realises they must be leaving a trail behind them. She just can’t figure out how. It is only when she learns the Catalyst’s identity that she will understand the truth. But can she decipher the Oracle’s wisdom in time to save those she loves?

Join Tey and the princesses as they journey across the ancient world in search of a safe place to call home.

For readers of historical fantasy who enjoy women having adventures against a background of 18th Dynasty Egypt.

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