A woman wearing a white gown with stylised papyrus flowers stands between two Egyptian pillars and looks out at a night sky covered with hieroglyphs.Title: Catalyst

Series: The Amarna Princesses #2

Narrator: This audiobook is digitally narrated using the voice of Anya and produced by Google Play.

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Releasing 13 December for direct orders / 20 December other retailers.

They thought they had found a safe place to call home. They were wrong.

The men sent by Pharaoh’s advisors have found them. Tey, Hennie and the girls must leave their new lives and flee once again.

But Tey learns that despite her training and her skills, she alone cannot keep the girls safe.

Join Tey and the princesses as they journey across the ancient world in search of a safe place to call home.

For readers of historical fantasy who enjoy an ancient world setting and a background of 18th Dynasty Egypt.

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