Series Starters: Volume II

Title: Series Starters: Volume II
Release Date: 13 November 2022
Genre: ,
Pages: 828
ISBN13: 9781922852151
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Contains three full length series starters.

Queen of Egypt (The Amarna Age # 1): She knows she's going to kill the man she loves. She just doesn't know why yet.

Outcast (The Amarna Princesses # 1): When the queen’s sisters need to be sent away for their protection, Tey volunteers to go with them. But one of the sisters is too young to understand why she must be sent away and she has a powerful magic that will endanger them all.

Muse (Tales of Silver Downs # 1): A bard with an ability he doesn't understand. A wise woman with power she never wanted. Each has a quest and they'll need each other to succeed.

For readers of historical fantasy who enjoy magical realism and an ancient world setting.

Available for a limited time.